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Developed by a Project Manager with over 40 years experience.
Giving you the knowledge, ability and power to manage your project with ease and peace of mind.

Mission Statement:

The Project Master is Mark Millar, an experienced construction professional, who conceived the idea after years of hearing and seeing the disastrous results of small construction projects that had gone wrong.

For most people, employing a Project manager to manage the project, is not practical. So the question became, how to enable people to manage their own projects successfully, without actually knowing anything about Project Management, or even construction?

The mission – to create a plan, which would be easy to use, effective in application, powerful enough to control all the elements within a construction project, and accessible to all.

The result is; an intuitive plan that uses templates to take you, step by step through your construction project. Suitable for all projects, from the simple to the complex, theprojectmaster will deliver your project, on time, on budget.

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