The Project Master in a few words …

The mission – to create a plan, which would be easy to use, effective in application, powerful enough to control all the elements within a construction project, and accessible to all.

Suitable for all projects, from the simple to the complex, The Project Master will deliver your project, on time, on budget.


The Project Master was created by Mark Millar, an experienced construction professional, who conceived the idea after years of hearing and seeing the disastrous results of small construction projects that had gone wrong.

Mark is dedicated to enabling clients and builders to communicate clearly, minimize problems and work together to achieve the success of the project.


Val Brown heads up the Admin department. With a background of customer service in one of the major High Street banks, her knowledge and experience will ensure a prompt and effective response to our clients questions and concerns.

Val is dedicated to ensuring that all our clients enjoy a positive and effective experience.

Web & Design Department

The Project Master website was designed & programmed by Piranha Designs.

Established in Gibraltar, they offer design and web development services. They are dedicated to helping The Project Master run smoothly online.