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I am a Construction Project Manager

I am a Construction Project Manager. I have been in the construction business for over 40 years, from leaving school to take a one year full time course at Technical College followed by three years on day release to gain my Construction Technicians Certificate.

At the same time, working in the family construction company, as assistant / labourer / apprentice, with the various tradesmen to learn the skills. Effectively a multi trade apprenticeship which gave me the knowledge and skills which, combined with the College courses, gave me the basic knowledge to further my own career.

I have set up, run and managed my own business, building new homes, home extensions and refurbishments for other people. I have built, extended and refurbished my own homes.

When I decided to hang up my builders hard hat and move into Project Management, the idea was to try and use the experience and knowledge I had, to help others achieve the best possible results.

I am a Member of the Association for Project Management, a professional body which is well on the way to becoming Chartered. I am very proud to be a Member as this is a recognition, by my peers and fellow professionals, that I have achieved and demonstrated certain standards and knowledge within my chosen field.

As a Project Manager, I have worked for clients to achieve their home extension or refurbishment or new build house, using my practical experience ( along with some professional tools and techniques ) to select the best builders, avoid pitfalls, manage the budget and deliver the results.

I have also, at times, worked for builders and developers, treading the line between delivering the best possible job and making a decent profit  not as easy as you might think with all the variables inherent in each and every project.

Along the way I have come across most of the problems, heard all the excuses, found the solutions. I have met the best and worst types of builders and tradesmen; the best and worst types of client.

There are a few cowboy builders out there, who give the business a bad name. Fortunately they are by far, the minority, although the damage they do is out of proportion to their numbers.

Most builders and tradespeople are honest, hardworking types who take pride in their work and reputation.

There are a few bad clients out there also people who have no intention of paying if they can avoid it. Again though, they are a tiny minority. Most people, in my experience, are happy to pay a fair price for a good job.

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