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Why Construction?

If you read my first blog carefully, you might have noticed that I confessed to being, not a Project Manager, but more specifically, a Construction Project Manager.

So what? Well it just happens that I am passionate about construction. Building something tangible is exciting and for me, building something that people can live in, that enhances their lives, is the most exciting of all.

I get a huge buzz from seeing homes I have helped to build, or transform with a new extension, or refurbishment. These homes will be there long after I have passed away, and many generations will benefit from the efforts of all the builders, tradesmen and professionals involved in the construction.

I can understand why architects and builders want to be involved in a huge tower block, or a bridge, or a public building, but that is not personal enough for me.

I know too, that Project Management skills can be used to manage any type of project. I just happen to believe that to do something really well, you have to enjoy it. The more enjoyable it is, the better it will be.

So for me, the construction of a new home for a client who has a dream of how their lifestyle should be, and how their home should reflect and enhance that lifestyle, is hugely satisfying.

Or to take a home that a family has outgrown and transform it by adding a home extension, changing the layout and refurbishing the existing to allow the family to grow into it.

Nowadays particularly, extending and remodeling a home, is often the first choice for a lot of people. Where you live becomes increasingly important and a home that is close to work, schools, within a community, is vitally important. So extending becomes preferable to moving.

Older properties also benefit from usually being in the best locations, are generally bigger and have larger gardens than their modern equivalents, so again extending them can make a lot of sense. The modernization of older homes is an ideal opportunity to improve the insulation and efficiency, which will help to save money over the following years.

Finally, all families are different. Each will have different needs, priorities, tastes. Some will be into gardening, or entertaining, or DIY. Children of different ages, grandchildren and other relatives may occupy the space. Or may have flown the nest and just visit from time to time.

Of course, there is also the potential for profit. I have left that until last because it is often not the priority. However it can be, and should not be overlooked. A cleverly extended and modernized home can often command a good price and find a buyer where a neglected property may not.

More later.

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