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You can't be good at everything!

Everybody is good at something. During the Olympics and Paralympics, we frequently heard people say that anyone, if they try hard enough, can achieve anything. I am not sure if that is totally true, but I am sure that anyone, if they try hard enough, want it badly enough and are prepared to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, can achieve something! And that something may well be far greater that you would believe possible.

London 2012 demonstrated that, in spades. Forget the headline makers for the moment and consider all the thousands of people who actually did the job. Because this was a monumental task, the scale of which is difficult to comprehend. I have been in the construction industry all my life and have some understanding of the awesome scope of the building work that has gone into the Games, and yet the actual construction is only one piece of the organisational jigsaw.

All of this was accomplished in a fixed timescale and with no second chance. If they got it wrong, before the gaze of the whole world, the Games would have been wrecked and Britain reduced to a laughing stock. So no pressure then!

This has only been possible by teamwork. All of the thousands of people involved, could not have done it by just doing their job - they had to work together, as a team, using their combined strengths to overcome any individual weaknesses.

Which brings us back to where we started - each of us can do something - none of us can do everything.

So we each do our job and when we need something outside the scope of our own knowledge or ability, we use the services of others. Simple in concept but in order to get the best results we really need to manage the delivery of those services. And the larger and more complex the service, the more it needs to be managed properly.

Building an extension or refurbishing your home, which is probably the second largest financial commitment you will make, and the most complex service you will ever ask for, needs dedicated and careful management, to minimise the risks to your hard earned money and maximise the return on your investment.

Easy to say, but when you know little about project management, and the little you know seems to be complicated and riddled with jargon, it is much harder to put into practice. How then, do you go about it?

The Project Master will be the solution. In the next few weeks we will be launching a brand new website which will enable you to manage your construction project simply and professionally, without any management experience.

More later.

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