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Project Management - What it is!

Project management. Boring, right? Like accountancy? Not something that most people would be interested in?

Well that is often the conception, but in fact most of us get involved in project management at some time in our lives and many of us, on a daily basis.

So what is it? What exactly does it do and why do we need it?

If we cut right to the chase, project management should really be re-named as "Change Management" , because project management is the process of managing changes. It is the organization of all the required elements, in a logical sequence, properly timed and with the involved parties all prepared and working to the same schedule, to bring about a change from how something is, to how you want something to be.

Effectively, whenever you make a change to anything, you are managing that change. Whether you move house, go on holiday, send your child to first school, get involved with the village fete, change jobs etc, all of these are changes and need to be managed.

Of course, when you make these changes, you probably don't think about the organization of them as " project management ", but that is what it is. Think about it; if you did nothing about it, nothing would happen. The holiday would not get planned or booked, the kids would not get to school. All of these everyday things just would not happen if you did nothing.

So the doing something that makes them happen is project ( or change ) management.

Without your management input and effort the result would be, at best that nothing happened, at worst it would be chaos.

Now you do these things, successfully, because you know how to do them. You either know because someone has taught you - perhaps you learned from parents, or school. Perhaps from asking friends, perhaps from magazines or maybe from research on the internet - increasingly likely these days. Anyway, however you discover it, the information is out there.

So how do you go about managing something big? How do you manage the construction of an extension? Or the refurbishment of your house? Even building a new house?

How do you manage something like that?

How do you ensure that your money is wisely spent and that you get what you want, for the best price? How do you avoid the cowboy builders? How do you know that your new extension is properly built?

More later.