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Why bother?

Why bother? All the things you want to do, just get done anyway. You know how to do them, so you just do it!

Well, what happens if you don't "project manage"? Chaos, that's what!

Everything we do, we usually do in a logical manner. We might not think about it but we do! Even something as simple as an evening out, gets planned and executed logically. You come home from work and take a shower, before getting dressed in your casual clothes, before going out the door ( and locking it after ), making sure you have the keys to get back in with. Somewhere in there you txt ur friends to tell them where you are and arrange to meet.

You do it without thinking - because if you don't, it will be chaos, and the night out will be a disaster.

So when you do something that is less common, like the redecoration of the living room, or planning your next holiday, you give it more thought and more careful planning, so you reduce the likelihood of chaos.

Yet, when it comes to the really big things, like building your home extension, or getting your home refurbished, project management gets ignored. You might know about it, know that there are people like me, Project Managers who do it for a living, but you ignore us.

Why is that? Cost probably. You have budgeted for your new extension, and that is as much as you can afford. You certainly are not going to pay me to project manage the build for you. That is just extra money for nothing tangible!

Anyway, you know what you want and the builder will manage the project after all. Because that's what you are paying him for!

Isnt it?

Well no, actually!

I will explain later.

The Project Manager