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Choosing your Builder

How to choose a builder.

This is one of the most critical decisions you will make, because your chosen builder can make or break your project.

Ask around and most advice you will get will be along the same lines. Get personal recommendations, inspect other work they have done, get at least three quotes, make sure you have a written estimate etc, etc. All good but all a little simplistic.

Because in the end, most people use gut instinct and price. Well, they will say, he seemed really nice and his quote was very reasonable!!!!

There is, of course a much better way. There is the professional way - the way a Project Manager would choose. That way involves all of the previous advice plus a detailed specification, project planning, tender comparison, program planning, payment scheduling. In other words a full project management package.

Which of course is not realistic for someone trying to get their extension built.

However this is where Theprojectmaster can help. In the next few weeks, theprojectmaster.com will go live. This is a website designed by a Project Master with over 40 years experience - me! What it will do is enable you to manage your construction project, simply, effectively, with no previous experience. Theprojectmaster does not use jargon. By using the intuitive drop down lists and checkboxes, theprojectmaster will build a step by step project package that will put you in control from the outset.

Theprojectmaster will build the scope of works documentation which your chosen builders will use to quote for the work. It will provide all the preliminary documentation outlining responsibilities, it will compare quotes for you and highlight discrepancies. It will generate work programs, payment schedules and variation orders. It will, in short, do what a professional Project Manager will do. The difference is you won't be paying for a Project Manager.

The simple interface will have your project up and running in next to no time. Jargon free, yet professionally worded such that any builder will understand exactly what you want. It delivers because it empowers. It provides a platform of mutual respect, and understanding so that your chosen builder will know, from the outset, exactly what he is expected to deliver, when it should be delivered and at what price.

So - how do you choose your builder? Simply, sign them up to theprojectmaster.com.


More later