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Planning an extension?

The new proposed relaxation of the planning regulations look to me like a good move by the government. Allowing people to extend and improve their home significantly can only be a good thing. The money saved by avoiding the Planning process will be much better spent in the local economy.

Fears that this initiative will allow uncontrolled development will, I believe, be unfounded. There will be no relaxation of the Building Control element, so standards of construction will be maintained.

I also believe that people will not risk devaluing their property by building inappropriate extensions, either infringing on their neighbours or using materials that are out of place. Even if there was a temptation to do so, the risk of not being able to sell or having to sell at a loss, will enable folk to resist any short term savings.

What it could do is, by removing a significant barrier, specifically the cost of making a planning application that may be turned down, boost the numbers of extensions being built. That can only be good as it will provide work for builders, tradesmen, suppliers, gardeners etc in the local area. In turn they will have more money to spend and so help to grow the local economy.

It is particularly valuable to local economies because, unlike the national builders who build the majority of new homes, smaller works such as extensions, refurbs etc tend to make use of the local builder, plumber electrician.

By encouraging people to extend and improve, rather than move, they will stay in the area they know, their families will grow in the area and local schools, shops and the general community will be enriched.

Finally of course, by extending and improving, peoples homes will increase in value and even more importantly, equity.

For those of you planning to build or improve in the near future, please keep reading. In a few weeks theprojectmaster.com will launch a new website which will help you design and manage your finished project, professionally, competently, simply, without needing any prior knowledge of management, or even construction.

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