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Cowboy Builders?

There are undoubtably some cowboy builders out there, just like there are some cowboys in any trade. I have met a few in my time and you can see the results on TV in programs like Cowboy Builders, Homes from Hell etc.

However most builders are just like most people, hardworking and wanting to do the best job they can. So why do projects go wrong?

It is true to say that most projects, even those that are well planned and managed, encounter some unforseen problems that can cause delays and incur costs. After all, if they could have been forseen they would have been planned for. It is also true that time is money and any delay will usually cost.

It is also true to say that any variation in the work done will incur a cost. This can even apply when work is omitted, because it may require replanning, reorganisation and changes to orders etc. Certainly any extra work will have to be paid for.

There are certainly cases where a builder has deliberately underpriced a job, been vague about what he has included, and used the " extras " to recover his profits. There have even been cases where a builder has not included elements which should have been obvious to him, just so he could add them in later and charge handsomely for them.

Most of this is avoidable though, with proper planning and good management. The problem is when a normal person, with little knowledge of construction, or management, just wants to get their job done. Because unless you have the knowledge and the Project Management experience, how are you expected to know enough to understand all the pitfalls and potential problems before they occur?

Well that is where we come in. I have developed an online Project Management package which will enable anyone to plan, specify and manage their construction project. If you are thinking of having any work done, you need theprojectmaster.com, a web based, interactive program that will, step by step, take you through the entire process.

Using theprojectmaster.com requires no knowledge of construction or management. By using prepared templates, dropdown lists and tickboxes you can easily and simply build a package that will enable you to take control of your project in a way that has never been possible before.

Over the next few blogs, I will explain how it will work, and within the next few weeks the website will go live and you will be able to try it out for free.

More later,

The Project Master