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Pride in the Job

Back in the day, when I was involved in the family construction company, we were building around 12 new homes every year. All new homes in the UK have to carry a 10 year warranty which is issued by the National House Building Council, who carry out regular inspections of the work to ensure it is up to standard. It follows that as builders we belonged to the NHBC.

One scheme they introduced was called Pride in the Job and it encouraged builders and building workers at every level to do the best they could, improving standards of workmanship and quality, to deliver the best possible job - a job that they and their clients could take pride in.

The idea struck a chord within many people and took off very quickly and soon you would see the stickers all over builders vans, sign boards and literature. It was obvious to me that most people, given the chance, will strive to do their best, and deliver a quality product.

There is a popular myth, which seems to be encouraged by certain elements of the press, that builders are cowboys. The " Pride in the Job " scheme, certainly made it very clear that the opposite is the case. It is something that has stood me in good stead over the years - the idea that delivering the best job you can, with pride, will not only make you fel good about yourself and your work, it will gain you a good reputation.

One thing though was missing from that scheme. The role played by the client is also critical to the success of any project. If the client has not done the necessary preliminary work in specifying the works, comparing the quotes and selecting the builder, then does not manage the work properly, the project has a higher than average chance of running into problems, increased costs and time overruns.

The problem is that most clients do not have the knowledge, skill or time to do those things properly or at all. Which is where we at theprojectmaster.com can help. In a very few weeks now, we will be launching a brand new website, which will, for the first time ever, do all those things that the client needs to do, but is not able to do. In a very short time we will enable all the people involved in a construction project, including the client, to take Pride in the Job.

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