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How to be a good client

The relationship between a client and a contractor, is similar to hat between a boss and an employee. In my opinion there are just three main types of client / boss and they are easily defined.

The best are the ones who clearly define the job desription ( or specification ) carefully select the contractor, provide all of the information needed, enable and motivate the contractor to deliver, reward properly by paying on time and genarally promote the success of the project by intelligent involvement and careful management.

The worst are those who provide little or muddled information then, when the job goes worng ( as it inevitably will ), blame the contractor ( or anyone else except themselves ) try and bully them into doing better, punish by delaying or reducing paymentsand genarally ending up in acrimonius dispute, while the project falls apart.

The majority of clients fall into a category that could best be defined as ineffective. This is usually because the majority of people do not know how to be more effective. I can understand this and sympathise to a large extent, because being a good client requires alevel of involvement that most people do not have the knowledge or time to commit to.

In an ideal world, the client would know something about construction. Would know how to write a specification, obtain quotes, choose the best builder, and then manage the project.

Being a good client therefore, means being a good project manager. That is quite daunting to most people because project management has become a profession just like accountancy or law, and by doing so has become something that scares people. Ignoring the need for good management though, is counter productive and will inevitably cause problems. So how can this be resolved?

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