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How to be a good client part 2

I have been in the construction industry, involved in small residential projects mainly, from extensions and refurbs to individual new builds, for most of my life. So most of my working life I have been directly contracted by, or worked for, the end client. Which is very like having a boss. So I think I know a little about what makes a good client ( or boss ).

In a previous post I mentioned that the majority of clients can best be described as ineffective. That is not meant as criticism, just a fact. After all I am ineffective at fixing my car, because I know nothing about mechanics. So when most people get the builder in to build their new extension, they let the builder just get on with it. Just like I let the mechanic get on with fixing my car. However a car is not like an extension. When you build your extension of refurbish your home or even build a new home, you are committing huge amounts of money, emotion and upheaval and potentially changing your life.So to leave it to someone to just get on with it, is fraught with danger.

If you engage me, or someone like me to manage the project for you, then I will have your best interests at heart and I will ensure that the project is the best it can be for the best price it can be done. But to leave it to the builder is a high risk strategy. Not because the builder does not have your interest at heart but because if and when there is a situation where your best interest conflicts with his, then human nature being what it is, he will be more likely to put his interest first. Which may mean your project, your investment, suffers.

So ineffectiveness or benign neglect is not the way to achieve the best results. Intelligent involvement is required. Intelligent involvement is how you become the best sort of client. It is how you get the best results. It is how you inspire your builder to give you the best service and how you get the best value for your hard earned. It is not easy though, it takes time and commitment and those two commodities are the two that most people are short of.

So I am working to help resolve that. In the next weeks a new website will go live. A website dedicated to making your project a success. A website which does all of the hard work of project management for you. A website that empowers you and enables you to manage your project simply, effectively and successfully.

More later.

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