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How much?

I read somewhere the other day, that employing a Project Manager to run your construction project for you, can save on average 10% of the cost of the construction.

Now I dont know how true that is - and I am a Project Manager, so you would think I should know. But there is no accurate data - there cannot be any, because all projects are different and there is absolutely no way of knowing what actual difference a PM makes. Because no-one can know how much any given project would have cost if the alternative had been chosen.

What I do know, is that a properly managed project will be more successful, have fewer problems and be more likely to finish on time and on budget, than a project which is poorly managed. That may be because one of the tasks of a good PM will be to work with the client to establish a realistic budget, and manage expectations, so everyone involved has a good idea of what they can expect and at what price.

However, the fundamental reason why people will not use the services of a Project Manager, is cost. Cost which appears as an addittional cost over and above the build. So it is understandable regardless of how desirable it might be.

But it is vital to manage the build properly. So how does someone, with little or no knowledge of construction, little or no knowledge of Project management, and very likely little time, go about it?

In a very short time here at Theprojectmaster.com, we will be launching a brand new site. A site that will enable anyone to manage their own construction project just like a professional - because it has been designed and built by a professional, for people like you.

We will empower you, and enable you to specify the project, select the best builder and manage the build to a successful conclusion. Theprojectmaster will do all of the hard work for you and with our help, you will bring your project in, on time and on budget.

More soon,

The Project Master