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What a Project manager does

Project Management may be surrounded with mystery and many people may not be aware exactly what a PM does. So here is a brief outline of what you would expect.

Work with Client to establish Scope of Works required

Establish budget with the Client and working within the budget parameters

Establish regular meetings / communications with Client, to maintain full awareness / involvement

Preparation of draft designs / proposals / specifications

Discussions with Local Authority to establish relations with planners and Building Control

Negotiations with and obtaining tenders from Architects, Engineers, Consultants and specialists.

Briefing same and establishing final scope of works

Providing design input and acting as link between client and professional.

Value engineering

Assistance in material selection and finishes

Assisting with QS work, taking off materials and measurements

Sourcing and ordering of special materials and transport

Sourcing and linking of structural engineering or construction methods with regard to special materials or methods

Advising on selection of contractors for tendering

Shortlisting contractors and subcontractors for tenders and preparing terms of tender

Assisting with tender documents / translations etc and selection of approved contractors and sub contractors

Examining tenders received, carry out tender analysis, advising upon and negotiating tenders and prices and/or rates with selected contractors and sub-contractors

Negotiation of payment terms and conditions

Establishing parameters for developers/clients all-risks insurance

Advising on CDM compliance

Checking contractors compliance with Employment laws, Social Security, and Health and Safety regulations


Ensuring good site practice and compliance with clients obligations regarding health and safety regulations

Advising contractors and sub contractors on compliance with health and safety regs

Ensure the Risk Assessments and Method Statements are up to date and relevant

Manage the Health and Safety File, including Technical Data Sheets, COSHH regulations etc

Ensure good site management, security and access

Organise temporary supplies of water and electricity

Ensure drawings are kept up to date and contractors are working to the latest drawing revisions

Regular site visits to oversee works, ensure compliance with plans and specifications, ensure good working practice, quality control, storage and handling of materials etc

Liaison with contractors, architects etc to answer technical queries

Issuance of Technical clarification requests

Organise and coordinate Programs of Works and ensure links between main and sub contractors

Advise as required on methods, application and use of special materials, fixings, and compliance with structural engineering drawings and specifications

Co-ordinate works with contractors and sub-contractors

Co-ordinate supplies of special materials etc

Attend regular site meetings with client

Organise and attend periodic and specific inspections by Engineers, Technical Architects and Insurance companies.

Ensure Building Control inspections when required

Measure works in progress and issue Payment Certificates for works done, organise payments based on Certificates, and control retentions

Negotiate upon and issue Variation Orders as required

Negotiate prices for unforeseen items and/or changes in specification or materials

Carry out quality control inspections and prepare snagging lists and ensure compliance

Prepare final Payment Certificates on practical completion

Authorise release of part retentions on practical completion

Co-ordinate termination of builders supplies of water and electric on completion, and reconnection as normal domestic supplies

Organise final cleaning and handover of completed properties

Carry out follow-up inspection after six months following practical completion, instigate and ensure any remedial works or attention by contractors or sub-contractors and authorise final release of retentions.

Organise Completion Certificate / Certificate of Fitness

Ensure preparation of as-built drawings

Ensure hand over of H&S file

Provide regular progress reports and photographic record of works

Now, not all these elements are applicable to all projects, but you get the idea, I am sure. And all of this costs. So how can you get this input without spending thousands on a professional PM? Well stick with me and I will show you, because in a very short time, we will be launching a totally new website, which will empower and enable you to do a professional management of your own project, even if you know nothing about construction.

The countdown has started.

The Project Master