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Everyone is an expert

What is it about building? No matter what experience or knowledge someone has, it seems that whenever they want a change of career, they become builders.

I have known several people who were mechanics, or gardeners, or train drivers, whatever, who just decided one day to be builders. How can that possibly work? What is it that makes them think they are capable? After all, I would not just decide I was a mechanic - I would easily wreck someones engine for them.

Why is there no way of checking whether a "builder" actually knows what he is doing before you let him loose on your home? I have long thought that it would be sensible to have a register of qualified people - builders and tradesmen that were qualified and competent, which could be accesses by the general public.

There are a number of trade organisations for specialists like plumbers, electricians and they do a good job. There are also a number of bodies that register trades, and the clients can post comments or recommendations, which are also a very valuable resource.

There is, of course, word of mouth, but that is seriously limited. Years ago, when people lived in communities and knew each other, the local tiler, plumber or builder had to build a reputation amongst the community, because that was where the work came from. Nowadays that is no longer the case. People travel often long distances to go to a job so they may not be known in any particular area.. A lot of the clients are new to the area, so they may not know anyone. All this can help the few rogues to get away with it, where years ago they would not.

Now I am not saying that there are loads of bad trades out there. I am certainly not saying that no one can retrain and become a builder. I am not even saying that a good amateur may not be able to do a good job and build a decent small business.

I do think though, that to be a good professional builder, who consistently delivers top notch work, you need to have either learned the trade from others in the trade or have a great deal of experience, or both.

How can you discover the good builders? How can you tell, when you ask for a quote, whether the builders have the knowledge and experience you need?

Well there is no absolute answer, but there are ways of improving your chances and the best way is to be actively and intelligently involved in your project right from the start. A properly specified, quoted, analysed and managed project will initially tend to scare off the chancers, the cash merchants, the ones who are just out to make a quick buck. A properly managed project will appeal to the professionals, the established, the experienced builders because, like all of us, they also appreciate a job well done, and if you can work with them to achieve a great job, you will both benefit.

This is where theprojectmaster.com will help. We will empower and enable you to be the client your project needs and get the results it deserves.

More soon,

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