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Terms and Conditions

I thought I would touch on a subject that probably is the last thing anyone thinks about when they commence a project. It is not something that is specific to the client, or the contractor as it affects both, but the lack of attention can lead to dispute.

Very often it is only when one or other begins to feel that thinks are not really happening in the way they expected or would have wished for, that it becomes clear that a little forthought and planning could have saved a lot of ill feeling. Hindsight is of course, a wonderful thing!!

One of the reasons for using the services of a Project Manager, is that they usually have the experience and knowledge to ensure that things are planned and looked at in advance, but if we start from the basic premise that you are not using a PM, we need to look at how you can anticipate and cover the issues that are easily overlooked, but can assume great importance when it is too late.

In the management packs that theprojectmaster.com will make available, is a document entitled Site set up and Conditions. This is a guideline for the sort of things that should be addressed by the client and the contractor, before entering into any agreement. It covers things such as workmanship, standards of conduct, temporary connections, the disposal of waste, materials quality and approval, valuations and payments, and anything else that may be applicable to a specific contract.

You may for instance, have a favorite tree that will need to be protected - state this in the conditions and make the contractor liable for providing the necessary barriers or other protection. As a contractor you may want specific dates for payments to assist with cashflow - discuss with the client and get an agreement noted in the conditions.

Addressing all of these issues before the contract starts, will help to ensure the smooth running of your project, and specifically will encourage your chosen contractor, as it will demonstrate to him that you have thought about it and are approaching the project in a professional manner.

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