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The Project Master

Theprojectmaster.com was born out of years of seeing construction projects that did not quite deliver what they should have, either for the client or, in many cases, the builder. I could see the many and varied reasons why, yet there seemed to be no obvious way to avoid the issues.

There is a fairly common list of things that, in themselves seem minor and relatively unimportant, yet mount up into what can become major problems. I have covered some of these in previous blogs. 

All construction projects start well enough. There is always a certain enthusiasm with all involved that enables any initial hurdles to be overcome. It is as the project evolves that things can go wrong, little niggles grow into big issues, communications become strained and as tensions increase, so does the potential for disaster. The question that bedevilled me was, how to prevent this from happening and enable all parties to work together to achieve a result which is good for all. 

I started from the reasonable premise that the goal for both client and contractor is the same. A successful project. 

There is a simple statement which encapsulates the ethos which motivated me to develop The Project Master plan:- 

Good Project Management is the essential link, between the client and the successful completion of the Project. 

I have underlined the two most important words in that sentence. Essential, because without good management the project will not be the best it can be. Successful because when the project has been completed and all parties can step back and honestly say " that was the best it could be ", then it was a success!

The simple solution and one which is commonly put forward as the best solution, is to employ a professional Project Manager. However, there are two very powerful reasons why most people, undertaking an extension or refurb project, even a complete new build home, will not use the services of a Project Manager. One is budget - most people would prefer to spend the money on the property. The other is perhaps even stronger - many people want to actively be involved in the management of their own project.

So, if I believe in good Project Management, which I do, I have to somehow enable non-professional people to do a professional job of it, while not necessarily knowing anything about project management or even construction.

When you research Project Management or Construction Management you find there is a multitude of resources available, offering software, dosumentation, training, management courses and the like. You will find references to Gantt Charts, CPA's, Risk Management, Dependencies, Stakeholders etc etc, all of which are aimed squarely at the professional. Nothing for the ordinary person who just wants to manage their own project. So I decided to create it.

I did not expect it to take two years to develop, but it did. 

Here is the Mission Statement :-  To create a plan, which would be easy to use, effective in application, powerful enough to control all the elements within a construction project, and accessible to all.

After two years of development, on Friday February 15 2013,  www.theprojectmaster.com was launched.