So what are the benefits of using

Natural Selection

Using will help to select the best contractor
or tradesman by eliminating chance.

By using theprojectmaster you will immediately be saying to the potential contractors that you know what you want, and how to achieve it. You are making a statement that you know what it takes to succeed and that you are in control.

When you use theprojectmaster you are using tried and trusted project management tools that are effective and professional. This will be welcomed by good honest contractors and hated by rogue traders. If a contractor or tradesman is unwilling to be managed by you, using theprojectmaster tool, it is a strong indicator that you should avoid him.

Simply eliminating any potential problems from the start will pay for theprojectmaster many times over.

That’s Natural Selection.


If a construction project is undertaken without effective project management , you are effectively letting the builder run the project. As we explained earlier, that is not his job, so the likely outcome is that it wont be run the way you want it to be, you wont get the results you want and you may end up paying more – potentially much more – than you need to. This is even if you are lucky enough to find a builder that tries to look after your interests.

By using theprojectmaster you take control of the whole process from deciding what you want to achieve, through specifying the work, getting quotes, selecting the best contractors and managing the build. You control the budget, the payments, the changes and the standard of work from start to finish. You are the Project Manager.

That’s Control.


One of the most common causes of a project going wrong is miscommunication.

Theprojectmaster uses terminology and processes that a builder will understand. By following the steps you will be communicating clearly and precisely to the contractor, exactly what you want and how it should be done. This clarity will help him prepare his quotation and organise his work, knowing that he is doing the job you want, to the standards you expect. He will be reassured by having his program of work and schedule of payments agreed, so he can plan his cashflow and organise his suppliers and workforce. He will know that is there are any changes, they will be properly managed, costed and agreed before he commits to them. He will have any queries answered promptly and accurately.

Above all, he will respect the professional approach you have taken to the management of the project.

That’s Clarity.


Progress can be slowed by a number of factors, including bad weather, non arrival of materials, no-show subcontractors, redoing work as a result of changes, unforeseen extra works or work that has not been priced and disputes about payments.

By using theprojectmaster you wont be able to do anything about the weather, but you will be removing many of the other causes.

Right from the start, by selecting the best contractors and signing them up to the Mission Statement you are instilling a positive, can do, attitude. You have shown that you want to work with them, to achieve the best possible results and by accepting and working under your project management they are committing to using their best efforts to mutual benefit.

By using theprojectmaster tool you will be specifying accurately, managing changes in an organised way, managing the Program of Works, managing the schedule of payments, responding to issues and keeping things tight.

That’s Progress.


Quality starts by selecting the best contractors for the job, building mutual respect, engaging them with YOUR project and showing them you are a good client. Theprojectmaster does this for you as it puts everything on a professional basis. Good clients get good builders and good builders do good work.

Everyone likes to be happy at work and builders more than most. A happy builder will give of his best and you want the best!

That’s Quality.


You want a top result. That is evident by the work and research you have done to get this far. You want to get that result for a fair price. We all do.

The contractor wants the same things as you. To deliver a top result and get paid a fair price.

Theprojectmaster delivers on all levels. If you follow the steps in theprojectmaster management tool you will have a successful project – on time, on budget.

That’s a Result.