The Basic package:

This is a stand alone Plan that can be used to get a Project started. It will enable the contractors and client to understand each other and the requirements of the project and it will enable quotations to be secured and help with the choice of contractor. However it does not have the complexity and management tools that will help manage the project through to completion. For that we have the Pro Package.

The purchase of any package entitles the client to access the Clients Area of the site. Here there are upload facilities for drawings and specifications and a help line to email specific queries and we will answer you.

The Basic Project Management package comprises the following:

Project Mission Statement

This should be an integral part of the tender process as it will form the basis for any agreement and appointment of the Contractor or Tradespeople. This should be reviewed and agreed by all parties prior to acceptance of any tender.

Preliminaries, Roles & Responsibilities

This document will specify who is responsible for what work, the preparation, supply of materials, execution, cooperation with other trades, final testing ( when required ), clearing up, connection of supplies etc. It will include responsibilities for Health and Safety.

Site set up and Conditions of Work

This will specify for example, the provision of welfare facilities for the workers, scaffolding, the provision of dry storage, the hours of work, noise control.


This document clarifies the meanings of commonly used ( and commonly misunderstood ) words and phrases within the project environment.

Outline Scope of Works

These Scope of Work documents should be priced by the Contractor for each project area and will form the basis of the agreed Cost of Works. These documents will comprise some or all of the following, depending on the scale and complexity of the project.

  • Demolition of existing structures
  • Forming openings in existing walls ( including blocking up unwanted openings ).
  • Adapt existing openings without replacing structural lintels
  • Excavations and provision of drainage
  • Excavations and foundations
  • Below ground works and Ground Floor Slab, including DPC┬┤s, membranes.
  • Superstructure, including internal load bearing walls or structure
  • Intermediate floors, including staircases.
  • Roof
  • Windows and exterior doors, patio doors, glazing
  • Internal partitioning, doors, carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing including rainwater goods
  • Heating
  • Kitchen and Bathroom fit outs
  • Floor, walls and ceiling finishes
  • Decoration
  • Exterior remedials, making good, paths, driveways, fencing and landscaping.
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The Pro package:

The Complete Project Management package! This comprises all the tools in the Basic Package PLUS the following, and will enable the management and control of the project through to completion. It will have the facility to upload drawings.

The purchase of any package entitles the client to access the Clients Area of the site. Here there are upload facilities for drawings and specifications and a help line where they can email specific queries and we will answer them. ( N.B. the help line will run only until we have the help section fully populated. )

The Pro Project Management package includes all the Basic Package tools & the following:

Quote Comparison tool

This is a really clever piece of kit that does all the work for you. It automatically compares all the quotes received, highlighting any glaring discrepancies, or omissions and making choosing between the various quotes much more simple. It also enables you to discuss with any of the builders if you believe they may have made any errors in their pricing.


Program of Works template

If using a Main Contractor, this should accompany each quotation to enable you to select the contractor who can deliver your project in the timescale you require. Once the contractor /s is selected it can be used to measure progress and identify potential hold ups.

If the Project should slip behind, it can be used to identify where time could be recovered to get the Project back on track. If you are managing the individual trades, it will be invaluable in the coordination of trades and materials scheduling to minimize delays. It will assist in the scheduling of plant and equipment. It will provide a visual reference which will help you see how the Project will progress through the stages to completion and it will help identify any work elements that have not been allocated to any of the tradespeople. It will also help coordinate any works that you may want to carry out yourself. Finally it will link with the Payment Schedule and ensure you have full control of what you are paying for and when. A good, well run Program of Works could be said to be the single most valuable tool in the Project Management box!


Variation Orders

If you need to alter anything, or something forces a change in the work at any time, this will help you keep track, control the change and assess both the cost and time impact of the change. Changes in specification, alterations to work already completed, changes in materials and little extra jobs can all affect the cost, sometimes quite dramatically. Even changes that may appear to involve less work can sometimes cost more if they affect other trades, timings, materials etc. These changes/extras have a nasty way of adding up and if not tightly controlled can lead to arguments and disputes, which will inevitably affect the success of the project.

Experience would suggest that changes and extra works are the biggest cause of disputes between builders and clients. The timely use of the Variation Order will give you the information you need to make decisions before committing to any extra spend. The contractor should be instructed that he MUST ask for a Variation Order to be agreed before making any changes or carrying out additional work, and that if he does not follow procedure he is at risk of not being paid for the changes.


Dynamic Valuation Certificate

This will enable you to prepare and agree a schedule of payments with your contractor. It should form part of the initial contract and will set out when payments will be made and on what basis. i.e when certain elements of work are complete, or measured quantities of work. It will also set out what retentions will be held and when they will be released. The exact form will be a matter of negotiation and agreement but if used correctly will ensure you are only paying for work that has been done.

There may be provision for some payments for materials on site, when they are clearly identifiable and ownership has passed to you, the client. This will usually be items like windows and doors, kitchen units, sanitaryware etc. It will not be sand and bricks. This is a valuable tool which will instill confidence in the contractor that you know what you should be paying for and are ready and willing to pay when you get it.


Personalised Invoice upload

This should be used when actually making a payment to the contractor. It shows what he is being paid and what for. It is sequentially numbered and should be signed by both parties at time of issue. It may be used with or without an invoice and will assist with the balancing of account at the end.

Dynamic Payment Sheet

This is a visual tool which will show you, at a glance, what payments have been made, the totals, any retentions and the balance due. It will be invaluable when preparing the Final Account.


Information Store

This is used to convey important information or instructions to the contractors as a matter of record. It should be signed by the contractor and you should keep a copy. The information may be critical, such as a confirmation of the size of a steel beam, important such as which way a door should hang, or the position of a power socket, or even the colour of the kitchen ceiling or choice of tile. These may impact on costs but not always and if so, should generate a Variation Order.


The Project Master Package Overview:

Trial Package Basic Package Pro Package
'Project Mission Statement' Agreement Test Version YES YES
Outline of 'Preliminaries, Roles & Responsibilities' Test Version YES YES
Site Set up & Conditions of Work Agreements Test Version YES YES
Definitions Library of Construction Words & Phrases Test Version YES YES
Clear Outline of The Scope of Works Test Version YES YES
Quote Comparison Tool NO NO YES
Program of Works Template NO NO YES
Variation Orders NO NO YES
Payment Schedule System NO NO YES
Payment Certificate Output NO NO YES
Payment Sheet Outline NO NO YES
Information Request Tool NO NO YES
Free £49 £99