Good Project Management is the essential link between the Client & the successful completion of the Project …

Heart made from nails

" This is the simple statement that encapsulates the many and varied reasons for properly managing any construction project. Good project management is the one thing that can make the difference between success and costly failure.

The horror stories are everywhere – in the Press, on TV and it is quite likely that you know someone who has had a disaster with a builder.

But builders are not all bad – far from it. I have known some in my time but the vast majority are honest hardworking men and women who want to do a good job, for a fair price. So why the disasters?

Well I have been in this business for over 40 years. As a builder and as a Project Manager and I have seen why disasters happen and I know how to avoid them and I am going to help you manage your project, whether it is large or small, to a successful and happy conclusion."

Mark Millar - The Project Master Director

So what is project management and how can it help?

Quite simply, project management is the orderly process of changing things, from the current state of things to the state we wish things to be. It is something we do each day without thinking – when we go shopping we change the current state of our fridge ( empty ) or wardrobe ( with clothes we are tired of ) to the new state – full of food or with new clothes. When we plan a holiday we organise flights, hotels, spending money, sightseeing trips and evenings out, all within the week or two that we are away – that’s project management.

That is simple because we all know how to do it. Building an extension or refurbishing your home is something that most people only do once and because we don’t know how to do it, we get a builder in. And because we don’t know much about it, we don’t think about how to manage it. We just expect the builder will know – after all that’s his job – isn’t it?

Well no, actually. Managing the project is not his job. His job is to build what you want him to build, and build it to a good standard at a fair price. Within that he will manage his workforce, manage the timely delivery of materials and manage the subcontractors that he is responsible for. But that’s not managing the project. Managing the project is your job.

There are two ways to manage a building project. You can engage a professional Project Manager. Or you can manage it yourself – which is where we come in!

( There is a third way but that involves crossing your fingers and hoping for the best - which is not recommended ).

You have got this far, which means you are serious enough to be researching project management, so you have already taken the first step.

Here at we understand that most people would not consider engaging a professional project manager for their home extension or refurbishment project, because for most people the cost is prohibitive.

We also understand that most people don’t have sufficient knowledge or understanding of construction, to be confident or able enough to manage it professionally themselves.

So, using my 40 plus years of experience, I have developed this tool which anyone can use. You don’t need to have any construction knowledge. You don’t need to go on any courses, or learn any complicated techniques. You just have to follow the steps and your project will come together in a manner that your chosen builder or tradesman will understand and appreciate. You will take control from day one, right through to a successful completion. You will control the budget, the progress and the quality. By using this tool you will communicate your wishes clearly and in a manner which the builder will understand. You will, by using this tool, professionalise your working relationship with the builder, avoiding costly mistakes and working together to make your project the success it deserves to be.