Looks good, who is it for?

Theprojectmaster is designed for anyone who is having work done on their home. This is the only management tool you will need to properly, competently and professionally manage your refurbishment project, your new extension, annexe, garage etc. You will, by using this step-by-step program, be in total control of your project from start to finish.

"I have been in this business for over 40 years and have put together a program that absolutely anyone can use. The interface is simple and clear. The instructions are written in language that is easily understood. You will not find any jargon here!"
Mark Millar - The Project Master Director

builder and client

If you are a first timer, with no knowledge of construction, this is the management program for you. Read “ The Benefits “ page to see why good management is so important.

If you have done similar projects before, you will already have some experience of the problems that can arise. You will be aware that good management is vital to help avoid the pitfalls and carry out a successful project. This program will keep everything under your control.

Even if you are very experienced and have successfully managed projects before, you will be aware that using conventional Project Management tools and techniques, is a time consuming task. Moreover a task that requires a competency with the processes of project management and a knowledge of the construction business. It also takes a great deal of time. This program does all the hard work for you.

This program will do everything you need. It is written in the form of templates, which only require you to put in the basic information relating to what you want done. You do not need to know anything about construction.

It is at the same time, fully editable, so if you have any knowledge you can use that to refine and modify the templates as you wish.

The program has been specifically written so that by working through the process, following the simple instructions and using the drop down lists, you will be able to clearly specify what you want doing.

Using that information you will be able to invite builders to quote for the work, knowing that they are all quoting for the same thing. We will help you select the best quote and give you everything you need to manage your project.

Once you have chosen your builder, this program will keep your project on schedule, ensure you are in control of the budget and payments, keep the information flowing and drive your project to a successful conclusion.

By using Theprojectmaster, you are using the knowledge and techniques that Project Managers use. It is just like having your own Project Manager by your side throughout the project, without the cost. Theprojectmaster will answer your questions, deal with the builder, control the budget and deliver the project. Just like your own Project Master would do.

So – who is Theprojectmaster for?

Theprojectmaster is for YOU!